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Back–office Knowledge Processing Services

When it comes to any business, irrespective of size or geographic location, financial auditing is an essential part of the process of filing tax returns.  “Audit” begins where “Accounting” ends.  An audit of company financials is an important step in establishing the company’s credibility and improving the company’s internal controls and systems.  With the business world becoming more financially challenging with every passing day, auditing companies need to keep exploring different avenues in order to provide services that not only breach the benchmark for Quality Control but also provide timely and cost effective services to their business customers.  The dictum to achieving the above, that is, reducing Operational Costs and improving bottom line without any compromise on Quality Control and Time Management, is to outsource the Audit Work to a Trusted Partner.  

This is where we swoop in.  V-Etico Services Ltd., offers a simple, cost-effective, single-window, end-to-end, back-office auditing services with unmatched quality and GDPR level data security with a “Customer First, Technology Follows” approach.  We also strongly believe in our commitment to meeting our deadlines. To make an effective impact, we have to start with the needs of the customer first and then work backwards by fitting in the customer’s needs with technology because we believe a satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all, since a satisfied customer is the foundation stone of building our customer base.  

The process of achieving an unmatched level of expertise is never finite, it is a constant learning, unlearning, and relearning process with the only pivot point being customer experience and their feedback. Ideas are dime a dozen, but implementation is very challenging.  V-Etico has implemented a technology-backed simple process flow with superior quality control systems for our business customers.  You never get a second chance to make a first impression with your customers.  Communication and accessibility are keys to any partnership.  So, keeping that in mind, V-Etico is accessible 24/7 through various channels. 

V-Etico Services strives to change the face of auditing by delivering promises all the way.

Back–office Healthcare Services

Maintaining the health records by Hospitals and medical practitioners has become mandatory in many countries.  Medical transcription outsourcing is an area of the medical industry that is known for qualified individuals with a special set of skills. It has become the largest resource benefit among healthcare providers, doctors, hospitals, clinics, and out-patient surgical specialists.

We, V-Etico Services, are here to make it simple and easier for you.  V-Etico services, one of the renowned MT providers with experienced lead professionals handling US based projects for more than decades. Our cost competitive transcription services are backed by technology-enabled quality checks and our performance is unique in reporting the clinical documentation.

HIPPA certified professional transcriptionists are the key in providing finalized reports to physicians on a consistent basis. Our prevailing transcription processes ensure that high quality reports are consistently delivered within the contracted turnaround time. Our solutions are designed to reduce the time spent on documentation and optimize your resource for better cost-advantage.

Medical Coding is converting a diagnosis or symptoms, procedures, and drugs into codes and Medical billing is billing insurance companies and patients for procedures and office visits. Their work is submitted to insurance companies for payment purposes, data collection, research, billing and quality improvement purposes.

The Medical Coding and Billing Industry has met the cutting edge of information technology due to which there have been several channels opened towards placements in the health information field. These open doors have diversified and created platforms for the aspiring generation who have laid their career in the health information field.

Medical Coders and Billers play an important role in the financial success of private practices and other healthcare facilities. The greater the expertise of the Medical Coder in identifying relevant diagnoses for patient encounters, the greater the insurance reimbursement to the physician. 

V-Etico Services provide Accounts Payable Processing Services, Accounts Receivable Services, Accounting  / Bookkeeping and Reconciliation services.  We also prepare financial statements like P/L account, Balance Sheet and Cash flow from your raw business data.


International Trade

Our Value Preposition is to offer Best Quality products at Competitive Pricing that brings Positive Experiences and Value Addition to our end customers. Quality is the foundation of our success and Belief has been the single most guiding force in our endeavour for excellence.


Digital Marketing & Website Development ​

Stand-Alone presence in the Digital World is insufficient in the current business environment.  Customer and data intelligence combined with Digital Presence in the Internet is essential.  We offer our Vast and Varied Expertise to build and launch your Digital Brand Presence to a Wider Global Audience to help smash your sales goals.


Company Incorporation and Consultancy Services

We help you to penetrate and navigate the labyrinth of running a professional business in the European Markets.  We provide consultancy services for Global Market players penetrate into India, Singapore, Europe, and the US Markets.



With the availability of a vast English-speaking, well-educated population, Etico Varsity provides an Enhanced Remote Digital Training Program to imbibe higher skills through remote digital training in the field of Medical Transcriptions to empower our students to become job-ready in the medical transcription field, and provide Placement Assistance and fill the supply mismatch in the back-office medical transcription industry that is valued at upwards of $60 Billion.​

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