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A Walkthrough Guide to Lease Accounting for Healthcare Organizations

This guide will walk you through the basics of lease accounting in healthcare organizations.

A Patient’s Guide to the Behavioral Health Revenue Cycle Management Process

The major goal of behavioral RCM is the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of mental health illnesses.

The Truth Behind the Risk Adjustment Overhaul and How It Affects Your

"Risk adjustment overhaul," involves using a new method of computing payments based on health status.

A Peek into the World of Allergy and Immunology Billing Services

Here is the complete guide of Allergy and Immunology medical billing services.

Surprise! Insurers May be Violating the ‘No Surprises Act’

What is No Surprises Act - Requires insurers to pay hospitals and physicians the same rates for their services.

Emergency Billing & Coding Services – How to Choose the Best Service

Our emergency billing and coding specialist take care of all your charges and insurance claims are processed quickly.

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