Medical Billing and Coding Services

Why V-Etico Stands Out?

V-Etico Services LLC is a leading provider of Revenue Cycle Management Services to medical billing and coding companies, individual physician or group, hospitals and payers.

Our well-trained and well-experienced team help

  • Reduce your operational costs
  • Increase your productivity

V-Etico Coding Services

  • Medical coding.
  • Medical coding audit/RAC Audit.
  • Clinica documentation enhancement and Bill review.

V-Etico Medical Coding Benefits

  • Provides an intensive and in-depth analysis of your coding
  • We study the need of following LCD, LMRP and other guidelines which are requirements for a clean claim with the maximum reimbursement.
  • We examine the usage of modifiers, tagging of diagnosis against the existing LCD for the given County/State.
  • Documentation on ancillary procedures will be scrutinized against every possible up-coding versus down-coding.

Why V-Etico Medical Coding Services?

You can be certain that we will track down the following backing up with solid proof:

  • Incorrect / Missed LCD not followed.
  • Missing / Incorrect Modifier.
  • Inconsistent Level of Service.
  • Incorrect / Missed Ancillary
  • PQRS Measures
  • Client / Payer specification
  • Bundling /
  • Up-coding / Down coding.
  • RVU order sequence

Clinical Documentation Enhancement

  • We provide insights to our clients for an improved clinical documentation, provided a physician furnishes the documentation in its fullest
  • We present specific clinical documents with the details of past failed medical intervention that have led to the current treatment option. This practice prevents the claim ending up in
  • We clinically document certain reports with the support of strong backing up of medical necessity, complexity and consumption of extra time, effort, skills, and expertise to evade bundling or denial issues.

Medical Billing Services

V-Etico is one of the top medical billing companies offering service at two levels:

  • Healthcare Insurance Eligibility Verification Process that gets coverage details of the patients in addition to the co- pays and deductibles.
  • Gathering CPT specific eligibility with annual max or lifetime limits and authorizations when obligatory.
  • Clean claims.
  • Improved Cash flow and Compliance.
  • Minimized bad
  • Complete Patient satisfaction.

Change Entry Process

We follow a simple medical billing process with integrated, client- customized systems which help us handle claims related to a wide variety of health plans.  We also handle medical, vision, prescription drugs, dental, disability, and COBRA claims.

Why Choose V-Etico Medical Billing Services?

We get your bills paid faster.

We are unique and stand apart for:

  • Decreasing the time taken for filing and processing claims, thereby increasing your revenue by more than 20%.
  • Reducing administrative
  • Getting access to robust processes that ensure a high degree of accuracy and increasing your chances of recovering the
  • Getting periodical reports on claim statuses as well as work-in-progress.
  • All duplicate claims being
  • Getting access to fully automated payment
  • Minimizing compliance

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