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Medical Transcription

State Responsibility:

In the United States, healthcare is a state responsibility. Maintaining of health records by hospitals and medical practitioners is mandatory.  Comprehensive medical records are linked to quality healthcare, medico-legal requirements, medical insurance claims, and online patient information systems.


The Process:

Essentially, all that transpire between a doctor and a patient is dictated over the phone / dictation device to a central dictation server where it is stored as a voice file. This record will contain details ranging from patient demographics, diagnosis, prognosis, treatment plan and follow-up plan. Patient records broadly are classified as clinic notes or medical records.  These could be further classified into various types – consultations, office visits, doctor-to-doctor referrals, doctor-to-patient letters, doctor-to-insurance company letters, chart notes, history and physicals, discharge summaries, operative reports, emergency room reports, radiology reports, death/final summaries, etc.

In view of the very nature of the patient record, accuracy is a key element.  Hence, these reports can only be done by a trained professional with an excellent command over the English language and knowledge of fundamentals of medical theory.

  • The physician dictates a medical record or clinic note through a telephone or dictation device into a dictation system. The dictation is stored as a digital audio or voice file.
  • The Medical Records wing of the Hospital assigns or out-sources these dictations to a transcriptionist or transcription service provider.
  • Reports are transcribed and formatted per client /report type specification.
  • The transcribed reports go through stringent quality checks and are transmitted back to the hospital.
  • The Medical Records wing prints out the report and sends it to the concerned physician.
  • The reports are attested by the doctor and archived for further use.


In the US, there is a perennial shortage of qualified medical transcriptionists. It takes a two-year full-fledged training program and a minimum of three years’ experience to become a professional transcriptionist in the US.  This has led to clients sourcing for offshore facilities with the dual purpose of getting the work done at a competitive price.  Countries like India, West Indies, Philippines, and Sri Lanka, where there is a large English-speaking population, have become the most preferred regions. India among these countries has emerged as the leader because of the availability of a huge quality English speaking population.

  • Availability of a huge English-speaking population
  • Infrastructure – communications, technology, geography,
  • Open economic policy.
  • Dollar to Rupee conversion.
  • Time difference – India is about 12 hours ahead and this helps to meet the strict 24-hour turn around.
  • Customized and excellent Transcription Training.

Introducing V-Etico Medical Transcription Services

Maintaining the health records by Hospitals and medical practitioners has become mandatory in many countries. Medical transcription outsourcing is an area of the medical industry that is known for qualified individuals with a special set of skills. It has become the largest resource benefit among healthcare providers, doctors, hospitals, clinics, and out-patient surgical specialists.

We, V-Etico Services LLC, are here to make it simple and easier for you. We are one of the renowned medical transcription service providers with experienced lead professionals handling US based projects for more than three decades.

Our cost competitive transcription services are backed by technology-enabled quality checks and our performance is unique in reporting the clinical documentation.

HIPPA certified professional transcriptionists are the key in providing finalized reports to physicians on a consistent basis. Our prevailing transcription processes ensure that high quality reports are consistently delivered within the contracted turnaround time. Our solutions are designed to reduce the time spent on documentation and optimize your resource for better cost-advantage.

How Medical Transcription Works

Note: For dictation capture, you have the option to use our digital recorder /analog recorder/voice recorder of your choice.

Step-1: Clinical notes received using Voice recorder /computer microphone, etc.

Step-2: Dictated notes transfer automatically.

  • Dictations tagged for tracking
  • HIPAA compliant, web-based transcription
  • No-Lost-Transcription-Guarantee

Step-3: Transcribing in to reports

  • Personalised formatting
  • Accuracy & Time management
  • Quality Checks and internal approval

Step-4: Reports ready for review by physicians

  • View, editing & Approval by physicians
  • Upload in servers, any time download & print as on when required
  • Customer services provided


Why to Choose V-Etico Services

Availing V-Etico’s medical transcription services can let you enjoy a range of benefits. Here, we have listed a few.

  • HIPAA Compatibility.
  • Accuracy in medical records.
  • Software System compatibility.
  • Readily accessible reports.
  • TAT.
  • Professional Customer Services.

HIPAA Compatibility:

HIPAA, short for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, is a set of regulations health care providers must follow for protecting the medical information of their patients. At V-Etico Services, we employ the latest security technology and adhere to strict protocols while handling sensitive patient data, ensuring we follow all HIPAA guidelines.

Accuracy in Medical records:

We ensure that the transcribed documents are without any mistakes or errors. In fact, you can avail the services of a trained transcriptionist for even a specific medical speciality like neurology, cardiology or dermatology. Such transcriptionists can assist you with your individual requirements.

Software System Compatibility:

We offer compatibility with numerous EMR/EHR software packages.  We could transfer the transcription files into your active software, linking them to the right patient. This will save your staff from having to organize the transcription files once they arrive from the transcription service, giving them more time to handle other tasks.

Readily Accessible Reports:

We store patient reports securely on our servers for an agreed-upon period of time. Additionally, once the reports are transcribed precisely, they can be easily stored in the database of the hospital for prompt and easy retrieval during an emergency.

Turnaround Time:

This refers to the amount of time it will take the service to deliver your transcription after it receives the audio file. We ensure timely transcribed reports as we follow strict schedules as committed in every project we deal with.

Customer Service:

If you need to connect with us for any reason, you will be able to reach out to our customer support 24 x 7 x 365. We do provide different modes of communication – telephone, email, or direct messaging – for your convenience.


References can be shared upon request, provided we obtain prior authorization from our clients.

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