Record Summarization


Record Summarization

With the advanced documentation capture mechanism in the Healthcare Industry that is in vogue in the United States, every patient’s health record is multiple years, even decades, in length and very detailed.

When a medical professional or an attorney, due to various and sundry reasons, need to review the “history” of the patient, they would find it tedious to pour over reams and reams of records dating back many years.

Record summarization is the process in which we filter the vast medical history of each patient down to a concise capsule, that contains all the pertinent, critical, and vital information. This process is a vital cog in the wheel of the “Review Mechanism” in both the Healthcare and Medico-Legal process.

Our team of Summarizers are well educated, well trained, and well experienced. They quickly understand the requirements of the clients and summarize the records accordingly.

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