Six Reasons Why V-Etico Is Your Go-To Partner For Your Medical Billing Outsourcing Needs!!

V-Etico Medical Billing Outsourcing Services

Oftentimes, support and compliance become a bigger task than the service itself. A lot of institutions suffer from lack of resources that can help them with these ancillary duties, and end up engaging their critical resources on the job. Where does this leave them? Stress, inefficient utilization of resources, and eventually lesser ROI and poor service. If you’re a medical institution that’s looking out for a medical billing outsourcing company, here are six reasons why you should hire us immediately.

V-Etico medical billing outsourcing
V-Etico medical billing outsourcing

Error Free Billing

It is probably not a good idea to overwhelm your in-house team with a bunch of complicated billing rules and regulations. First things first, there’s a steep learning curve, and a degree of monotony attached to the work. Secondly, there are a lot of error prone areas when it comes to medical billing. Mistakes as simple as spelling errors and typographs could ruin the whole health care experience of the patient. Our team has experience in software used for medical billing, has knowledge about relevant compliance laws, and will do our due diligence as we process your claims.  So, V-Etico will basically take the monotonous, tedious, yet a very important chunk off of your healthcare documentation process, and will do it effectively.

Focus on What You Do Best

When the in-house physicians and healthcare workers are not concentrating on what the insurance details of the patients are, they’re concentrating on what’s best for the health of the patient. Working with us gives the frontline workers the peace and calm they deserve by taking paperwork out of their hand, especially in times as hectic as a post-pandemic world. We’ve been in the industry for over two decades, so of course you’re in good hands. You don’t have to bet on us blindly, though. Come talk to us, understand how we operate, know more about the team, trial our work, and then you’ll trust us naturally. Drop a mail to and our team will get in touch with you.

Cost Reduction

In a compliance driven medical world, handling billing would entail deploying human resources and the requisite software. Both of these are simply cost centres. You’ll have to spend on purchasing software licenses, train your resources on these software, maintain the infrastructure your resources would need to work on these software and on top of it all, you’ll have to keep the software and resources from becoming obsolete. Let’s just say it’s all complicated and costly. We’ll give you a simpler, less expensive solution. V-Etico.

Access To Skilled Resources

What’s efficiency, in simpler terms? It’s the ability to take care of ancillary functions better, so our core focus remains intact. Let’s say your health care institutions hire skilled billing resources. As your patient volume grows, as the billing needs increase, you’re bound to hire a team. With every software update or company policy, you’re bound to train them and include them in your decision making progress. Now, are you focused on healthcare or billing or both? How efficient is this model? We’re professionals that can help you with billing, so you are efficiently running a team of healthcare professional. Simple.

Ensured Compliance

The medical industry is as regulated as it gets. With every new use case, with every new anomaly, with every new fraud that comes into light, the government keeps adding smaller chunks to the compliance laws. Not adhering to mandatory compliances will lead you to break the law and the subsequent repercussions.  You have two options – to train and make your core team understand these compliances every time there’s a new mandate, incorporate it into your billing practice, search a software that’s compliant, invest in all the training and updating and do it all over again when there’s a new mandate. Two, let professionals like V-Etico handle it, while you do your lifesaving work, hassle free.

Transparency And Safety

Let’s be real. The resource handling your billing has access to a lot of your patient’s personal information, their health history, billing address and contact information. In a world where data theft and intrusion is more common than getting Christmas cards, patients expect safety and transparency from their healthcare team. While privacy policy, transparent data cycle and ensuring safety of the data could be yet another tangent you have to deal with, it’s part of our process. We work in a way that helps you be transparent to your patients.

Of all the customer journeys there is, that of a person availing medical services has seen the most tremendous influx on information. There’s no ill-informed patient this day and age. They all want world class services, hassle free insurance experience, transparent data handling, and absolutely do not want to have errors in their medical bill. So, why exhaust your resources? Be economic, choose V-Etico.